Mission + History

From the first young woman we took in during a cold winter night in 1971, we knew we had a responsibility to help young people when they needed it most. Five decades later, our mission guides us to provide emergency housing and services to youth experiencing homelessness to promote their safety, stability and personal growth. Every day we empower young people to be self-sufficient through safe housing and support services to prevent homelessness.



More than 40 individuals work around the clock to ensure our young people are cared for. They hold bachelor and master’s degrees, have obtained industry certifications and licenses, and demonstrate passion and dedication in all they do. These case managers and direct caregivers are the backbone of our agency, strong mentors and collaborators who engage with our young people every day and help them grow and thrive.

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FY23 Board of Directors

From Left to Right:

Martuice Brooks; Shara Kamal; Savio Lobo; Jennifer Luth:

Robert Malench; Harish Natarahjan; Lesley Prestegaard; Eric Reside:

Laura Smilingyte; Martha Spatz; Alyson Stewart; Dave Studenmund:

Liz Toussaint; Sean Willett; Melody Rose, Executive Director:



The Harbour is part of a larger community of organizations dedicated to the safety, health and well-being of young women in Chicago’s northern suburbs. We team up with other agencies, local government and public service to ensure those at highest risk in our neighborhoods receive the help they need. We’re even able to refer individuals to other programs when one of our six facilities in north and northwest Cook County isn’t a good fit.



Thousands of youth have benefited from the shelter and support available at The Harbour. We continually strive to serve as many young people as possible. Our program service expense ratio for the 2022 fiscal year is 77%. This ratio exceeds the standards set by the Better Business Bureau.

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