Impact by the Numbers

When a young person first comes through our doors, we work to establish a meaningful and lasting relationship with them. While we are never sure how long a youth will be in our programs, we do know that the time spent at The Harbour will offer supports based on the young person's goals.


View our "2023 Year In Review" video or check out our 2023 Annual Report for more information about what The Harbour has accomplished this past year!

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Every investment in The Harbour is an investment in the young people who come through our doors. We see their successes every day – they complete high school, maintain employment and rebuild or create new relationship. Some go on to college, receiving scholarships or paid internships. Each individual explores and discovers their own potential through the programs and services in partner with our compassionate and skilled staff. Learn more in our outcomes statement.

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How to recognize a youth experiencing homelessness

  • Youth is couch surfing
  • Youth is sleeping in cars or on public transit
  • Youth is living out of motels, hotels or campgrounds
  • Youth have McKinney Vento status​
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Our Youth

Alex & Julia

Young parents Alex and Julia contacted The Harbour after experiencing housing instability after Alex's parents moved out of the country. Their high school’s parenting group referred them to The Harbour. Together we reviewed their financial plan and credit history, and secured an apartment the couple could afford and sustain. While in the program, Julia graduated high school while working part time and raising their son. She began a nursing degree program while Alex worked full time. The couple have attained financial stability and built savings for the future. Their son is thriving and healthy.

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Without stable housing or family reunification, Monique came to The Harbour’s emergency shelter. Within a week, Monique expressed her interest in our Transitional Housing Program. Monique immediately showed resilience, commitment and determination, working diligently and saving money while still attending college. After seven months she was ready to move into her own apartment. The Harbour supported Monique with a subsidized rent schedule while she continued to work, study and focus on her life. Monique completed her college degree in physical therapy with a high GPA and is employed full time in her field as a manager. She continues to be stable, tenacious and on a positive path.

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Kara came to The Harbour’s Transitional Living Program after being emancipated as a Youth In Care through The Department of Children and Family Services. She identified that she struggled with behavioral issues and struggled with many basic life skills, leaving unable to live independently. With support from her Harbour Case Manager and a therapist at a community mental health center, Kara was able to build upon her strengths and work toward her future. In the Transitional Living Program, Kara maintained a full-time job and contributed a significant amount of her earnings towards her savings. Kara graduated from high school, enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, and hopes to become a JAG officer and eventually a judge.

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