Are you a youth in need of housing or support? Do you know someone who might need support?

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  • Text SHELTER to 77948 for Immediate Access to Shelter Staff
  • Message us at Harbour 24/7

How to Support a Friend Experiencing Homelessness

It is important to reduce the stigma around homelessness and show that you are a safe and trusted support. Some things you can do to help include:

  • Provide or refer them to safe and stable housing in a supervised, structured and nurturing environment
  • Engage them through strong personal connections with caring, trusted adults
  • Offer food, clothing, financial assistance, educational and employment support

What Youth May Experience

A youth with no place to sleep may experience trauma on many levels. Even one night without a safe place to stay can risk exploitation, medical and mental health issues. Experiencing homelessness can have long-lasting effects that impacts their quality of life.

Why might a youth experience homelessness? Here are some possible scenarios that can lead to housing insecurity:

  • Youth were asked to leave or kicked out of their home.
  • Youth is experiencing violence in the home and it is no longer safe to stay there.
  • Youth is couch surfing or sleeping at a friend or family member's house.
  • Youth is sleeping in a car or at bus and train stations
  • Youth aged out of foster care


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